To keep the Eifel Cycling Classic fun for all our participants, but above all safe, we apply a number of rules that our participants must adhere to. Failure to comply with the rules below, which compromises the safety of the tour. We reserve the right to address a participant and even to refuse it if necessary.

  • Wearing a crash helmet and fitted cycling clothing is mandatory for all participants.
  • As a cyclist you are part of the traffic. This applies to professionals, but also to recreationists. Consider other road users and do not forget the rules below.
  • Always keep to the traffic rules; you are legally obliged to comply with this.
  • Stay polite. Not all road users are alert to the speed at which you go through traffic, so keep in mind that not everyone responds quickly or notices you.
  • Safety is always paramount. If you want to do a sprint, do this only if the environment and situation allow it. Remember that it is not only your own safety, but also the safety of other road users.
  • Pay attention to the environment: do not dispose of packaging or other waste. Take it with you in one of your bags and throw it in a trash can on the way or at home. Obviously there are also trash cans present at the feeding stations on the way.
  • Take your own decisions and continue to assess situations yourself; if the rest of the group makes a dangerous decision, it does not mean that you also have to do that without interruption.
  • Think forward; anticipate people’s behavior and think about what they want to do. Take this into account in your speed.
  • If you drive in front of a group, think as a group; estimate the situation and keep in mind that the rest of the group (partly) trusts in your directions.
  • Warn the group for everything you encounter. You do this by calling and gesturing what you see. When you drive yourself in the back of the group, pass on the signals as far as possible so that any other drivers know what is coming.

Special gestures that you will encounter a lot when cycling in a group

  • Hand up + ‘stop!’ Means that there is a point that needs to be stopped. When you drive yourself in front, pass this sign on in plenty of time.
  • ‘Free!’; a dangerous point (intersection, unclear bend) can be passed by the whole group. The first of the group estimates the situation for the rest of the group.
  • ‘Left!’ Or ‘right!’ + The protrusion of the hand in question: it is turned off in the direction shown.
  • ‘Against’! + a moving left hand at the hip: for indication of oncoming traffic.
  • “For!” + A moving right hand at the hip: to indicate that traffic is overtaken on the right.
  • ‘Back!’: The signal that is coming after traffic. Make room and drive behind each other.
  • ‘Caution!’ + Point towards obstacle: indicate that an obstacle is approaching, such as a post in the middle of the road.